Real Dads Forever

Real Dads Forever creates age appropriate, gender specific and culturally responsive fatherhood development strategies that enhance the emotional, physical and spiritual relationship between fathers and family men and their children.

The Course:

The engaging 8 week workshop explores;

-The impact of early formative years on life-direction
-Effects of relationships (or lack thereof) with our own fathers
-Feeling life through the eyes of a child
-Momentum and power (both positive and negative) of the family culture
-The intentional design of a "cocoon" of family, friends and acquaintances that will be part of an asset base that supports a "fathering" man
-We also challenge our men to examine commitment to themselves, to their personal success and to their families

By the end of the program we expect that fathers will make behavioral changes in order to be more empathetic, have a stable and communicative relationship with mom, spend more time with his child, and become involved in his child's school life.

Family men are also encouraged to position themselves to understand their place as partners and leaders engaging with the school system. They will realize the value of their own unique place in the life of their children, as a model, and as a leader, to teach, to love and to inspire them and know that he is needed forever.

Free dinner and childcare are provided during the scheduled class times.

To register or learn more, please contact Meredith Starr, Program Coordinator, at, or call us at (860) 291-1741.