Raising Readers

Raising Readers is a free 6-week course to teach parents and caregivers the importance of reading to children each and every day.  This course utilizes group discussion and self-reflection to increase awareness of the importance of early literacy-building opportunities for young children.

Topics covered include:

  • The benefits of reading
  • Why it is important to start reading to children before they enter school
  • How children's books have changed
  • Different forms of literacy
  • Technology and literacy
  • And many more!

Did you know?  By age 3, a child's brain is already 85% developed!

The class meets once per week for 6 weeks, and usually provides either a light meal or snack, as well as free childcare during the scheduled class meeting times.

To register or learn more, please contact Meredith Starr, Program Coordinator, at mstarr.childplaninc@gmail.com, or call us at (860) 291-1741.